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Laura B. Avatar
Laura B.
3/19/2020 - Google

Great night! Love that you have access to some of the buildings as well.

Jason G. Avatar
Jason G.
3/10/2020 - Facebook

The tour was a lot of fun, and Rebecca was great! If you’re hanging out in old town SD, do it!

Brandi S. Avatar
Brandi S.
2/19/2020 - Google

great trip and fun spent on ghost tour. Would highly recommend this trip.

Arlenne M. Avatar
Arlenne M.
2/15/2020 - Facebook

this was such a cool experience, definitely really nice if you’re new to the city as well because they tell you some cool facts about all around, and they make it really interesting and fun! would recommend!

Magdalena M. Avatar
Magdalena M.
2/07/2020 - Facebook

Loved to hear all the fact-based stories and a good variety of locations. Loved going in one of the houses! I was relieved that they didn't do any cheap tricks to get you scared.

Megan T. Avatar
Megan T.
1/21/2020 - Facebook

Rosalinda was great, equally entertaining and informative. Was unexpected and exciting to be able to enter the William Heath Davis House. Would for sure recommend!

stefany m. Avatar
stefany m.
1/19/2020 - Google

Archie was a great tour guide! This was a fun and interesting tour with lots of cool facts about San Diego's haunted history.

Kelsey P. Avatar
Kelsey P.
1/19/2020 - Google

Our tour guide, Archie, was fun and knowledgeable. We had such a great time on this tour and will be taking more like it in the future.

Deborah M. Avatar
Deborah M.
1/19/2020 - Google

Archie was a great storyteller and out tour had lots of extras that really made it all an experience!

Buffy W. Avatar
Buffy W.
1/06/2020 - Facebook

Fun and interesting tour! Dante and Al were awesome and fun! Good times :)

Mike H. Avatar
Mike H.
12/19/2019 - Google

My wife and I had a great time and we learned a bit of San Diego history as well. Rosalind is an awesome tour guide and she made the evening fun and interesting.

el 0. Avatar
el 0.
12/19/2019 - Google

What a fun experience. We’re locals and were looking for something new to do. It was a very entertaining and we learned some things we didn’t know about our history in San Diego.

Anthony L. Avatar
Anthony L.
11/19/2019 - Google

Archie was great! The experience was very fun and entertaining.

Mary H. Avatar
Mary H.
11/19/2019 - Google

Fun tour and very friendly staff.

tunutocare1 Avatar
11/19/2019 - Google

This is the best haunted tour we’ve ever been on. Our tour guide, Dante, gave us the most enjoyable, entertaining, and informative tour. He is also a docent at one of the haunted locations on this tour and he regularly visits another, so he is incredibly knowledgeable about these sites. Dante knows how to combine theatrics and history in a way that thrilled us as well as kept us smiling through the four fascinating haunts that filled the evening. Other pluses are groups are small and the interior of the tour bus was designed like a fancy coffin. Just delightful!!!

Christine B. Avatar
Christine B.
11/19/2019 - Google

Loved this experience! Dante was the most knowledgeable and fun guide and truly made this an incredible night! Highly recommend!

Lauren H. Avatar
Lauren H.
11/19/2019 - Google

Had a great time! Rosalinda was awesome!

rose w. Avatar
rose w.
11/19/2019 - Google

Awesome tour! Totally recommend it to others. Entertaining and insightful full of history. Check it out if you have time. The tour guides are funny and filled with knowledge. Also you may find something weird in your photos. Take their advice, take each photo three times.

Kathryn L. Avatar
Kathryn L.
11/19/2019 - Google

This tour was amazing! We visited multiple locations, all of which were beautiful in their own way. Our guide, Rosalinda, was very enthusiastic and friendly. She kept the tour entertaining and used humor to keep the skeptics in the group equally as entertained. We didn’t spend much time on the bus between locations, which was great because the bus was pretty hot inside. The bus driver was very friendly and did a great job. Rosalinda told stories and showed us pictures during the journey between places, so it truly felt like no time. My entire group laughed, talked and enjoyed the experience. I saw several places that I would have never noticed during my week long trip to San Diego, but are now some of my favorite places of the trip. The Villa Montezuma was absolutely stunning. I can’t say that enough. The tour came full circle by the end and even though the final location was the most tragic and heart wrenching spot, Rosalinda found a way to leave the group in high spirits before our departure. If you have a chance to go on this tour, take it, even if paranormal stuff isn’t your thing. You won’t regret it! Best tour in San Diego hands down!

Rachel P. Avatar
Rachel P.
11/19/2019 - Google

The tour was a good time! Brian was more than accommodating since we had to move our times around a couple times. Would definitely recommend to a friend!

Sarah Avatar
11/19/2019 - Google

This was so fun! Archie was a delight and i learned a lot about San Diego! Definitely worth every penny~

Lisa w. Avatar
Lisa w.
11/19/2019 - Google

We had a blast, Archie was our tour guide and he made the whole experience that more enjoyable!! We learned some amazing history about an amazing town! We loved San Diego, and can’t wait to come back!! Thank you ghost tours for making such fantastic memories!

Sam L. Avatar
Sam L.
11/01/2019 - Facebook

Fun times and good jokes! Plus, it was a bit scary.

Cindy C. Avatar
Cindy C.
10/22/2019 - Facebook

We enjoyed our tour tonight with Rosalind. Thank you! Happy hauntings 👻

Christiaan V. Avatar
Christiaan V.
10/20/2019 - Facebook

We loved it!! It was so much fun, we learned alot and were genuinely frightened with real paranormal experiences! We saw parts of san diego that i never even knew existed!

Debra D. Avatar
Debra D.
10/19/2019 - Google

Had a great time Sunday night. My 13 year old daughter loved it. Would recommend for families.

Brooks M. Avatar
Brooks M.
10/19/2019 - Google

Some of the most fun I’ve had during my time in San Diego. The story-telling skills and historical accuracy of our tour guide, Archie, is indicative of the effort that this company is putting forth into giving people a great experience! The sites we visited ranged from Old Town to Gaslamp, and each was just as interesting as the other. Highly recommend for for all, even if paranormal stuff isn’t your thing!

Rosemary B. Avatar
Rosemary B.
10/19/2019 - Google

Was a really fun tour. Rosalinda was great.

Carolyn Z. Avatar
Carolyn Z.
10/19/2019 - Google

We did this tour as a family for our daughter’s birthday and it did not disappoint!! Rosalinda was awesome and the entire 2 hours was full of information, great spooky stories and funny puns! Would love to go again with an even larger group. Thanks so much for a very memorable evening!

Katie T. Avatar
Katie T.
10/19/2019 - Google

Great ghost tour! Rebecca was a fantastic and entertaining tour guide.

Michelle A. Avatar
Michelle A.
10/19/2019 - Google

Awesome tour! We loved it! Fun, creepy and informative. We will definitely do it again next time we’re in San Diego.

Larry F. Avatar
Larry F.
10/19/2019 - Google

My wife and I are local to San Diego and were fortunate enough to experience daily what most people travel here to enjoy. San Diego is rich in its history. Being from San Diego its easy to become comfortable enough in knowing so much about what and where we call home. My wife and I have explored and exploited many of the hidden jewels available right here in our backyard of San Diego. The Ghost Tour was/is no exception. It began in Old Town San Diego, which, if we are talking San Diego history.. it starts here. Our tour guide Rosalinda was awesome. She has a unique way of capturing your attention with her story telling while adventuring to the different destinations that the tour takes us. The adventure offered details of the past that I do not think you will find offered anywhere other than “The Ghost Tours.” Not only of gravely details from yesterday and beyond, but further more of our own City's history, influential and prominent people and the beginnings of the city’s development into what it is today and it’s subtle hints are found in street names and buildings throughout the area. The final destination ended at the oldest graveyard in San Diego where you can find grave site markers on the sidewalks and streets where bodies are buried beneath still today... It was a lot if fun and we strongly recommend trying it! Best regards,Larry and Katie F.