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Into history or ghost or true crime? Welcome! Highest #1 Reviewed on Google, Yelp, Fbook and TA. Our national out-of-town competitors are paying for fake reviews! We are the real deal -- Join Us...


Paranormal Investigation in a Haunted Park. Exclusive Access.

This Experience is REAL and not for the faint of heart. Small Groups & Limited Spaces. Things have been happening...

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Meet in Old Town
Premium Bus Tour
Ghost History - Relaxed Pace
Enter 4/5 Locations Sun-Wed. 3/5 Thur-Sat
14 People Max | Coffin on Wheels
Old Town, Sherman Heights & Downtown Gaslamp

Semi Kid Friendly
2 Hours ish
Meet Downtown
Gaslamp Walking
Haunted Dark History/True Crime
Fast Paced in SD's Party Central
Ghosts, Brothels, Serial Killers..,
Downtown Gaslamp District. For the Brave.

Least Kid Friendly
2 Hours ish
Meet In Old Town
Old Town WalkinG
Haunted Old Town Ghosts History Tour
Exclusive Only Tour to Enter Heritage Park
Go on Whaley Yard, Chapel & Enter Graveyard
Light Paranormal Investigation with Tools

Semi Kid Friendly
90 Minutes ish
Meet In Old Town
Paranormal Hunt
Paranormal Investigation Combined with Light Haunted History
Use Equipment Learn Techniques
Exclusive Only Tour to Enter Heritage Park
Small Groups

Strong PG-13
1 Hour 30 - 2 Hours

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San Diego Paranormal Investigation History Tour


Have you ever wanted to be ghosthunter just like you see on the popular television shows? Join Haunted San Diego Tours on our Haunted Paranormal Tour of Old Town San Diego and neighboring Heritage Park.

Truly a ghost tour with a on-hands paranormal twist.

Paranormal Investigation - Old Town Walking Ghost Tour

Content: 50% Hands on Paranormal Investigation | 50% Haunted Ghost Tour
Facts: About 1 Mile Walked | Focused on 3 Locations | Click Book Now For Pricing
See Ghost: Nothing Faked Real Tour | Things Happen But is Rare | Lots of Activity Outside
Access: Exclusive Access to Heritage Park | Graveyard | We Do Not Enter Buildings
Focus: San Diego's Old Town - Meet in Old Town at Heritage Park
Kids: Semi Kid-Friendy and Dog Friendly

You will be a historian and a paranormal investigator combing Old Town looking for evidence of who lived there.

Meet 15 minutes early at 2460 Heritage Park Row, San Diego CA 92110

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We will use equipment just like you see on the popular paranormal shows to make contact with the spirits of the past residents that still reside within these buildings. Experienced guides will teach you how to use paranormal equipment to connect with spirit.*

*Each Host has their favorites, so not all you see here may be used on your tour; there could be less, others, or more depending on the host specialization.

Left to Righ
Mel Meter - detecting a change in temperature it's a little complicated.
K2 Meter EMF (Electromagnetic Field Reader) - detects energy and lights up depending on the strength of energy. Then, it lights up from green to red.
Voice Recorder - ask questions, playback, etc.
Sbox - radio frequency- spirits can communicate through it.
Dosing rods - used for centuries- an easy, simple yes/ no question copper is the best for conducting energy.
Pendulum - simple yes-no questions.
The Grid Light - makes a grid in surfaces that spirits can block out if they are present.

Bring your cell phone! This can be any investigator's best tool.

*Each Host has their favorites, so not all you see here may be used on your tour; there could be less, others, or more depending on the host specialization.


Will you be lucky or sensitive enough to experience yours. These are just a couple of examples of what we have witnessed since we have been testing this tour; more have happened, just no guarantee we don't employ ghosts.

The latest photo from our tour - The Burton House
Sherman Gilbert House window's walk - looks suspicious. Heritage Park.
These blue/green orbs and swirly ones
If you zoom into the second with the swirly you can see a creepy zombie like figure in the corner of the trash can peeking out - some say the blue/green orbs are of young spirits - hints why they are so close to the group


Heritage Park.
Heritage Park is a sacred place developed to preserve examples of San Diego's historic Victorian architecture. You'll visit a total of 7 locations. Our tour pays to gain you entrance to Heritage Park. We have definitely capture activity here, though we don't enter the building there is clearly energy abound some nights (not all, there is a level of luck invovled).

The Whaley House.
See the house and hear some of the stories, we go into more details on our other tours. The Whaley house is not a main feature in this one, as it is often so crowded it interferes with our ghost hunting efforts.

The Graveyard.
Old Town San Diego's Cemetary, El Campo Santo, has a long history of macabre. Ghosts there are disturbed as their burial grounds have been disturbed many times. Yet, strange figures still appear to glow and float above the ground. Hopefully you will be fortunate and capture some activity yourself.

The Chapel
If we are not having luck at the other locations we may visit the Chapel.


We begin our adventure into the unknown at Heritage Park. Heritage Park is the home to many historical Victorian structures.

All while teaching you the history and the documented hauntings attached to each location. We will then make our way into Old Town San Diego with a brief stop at the Whaley House and then on to our final resting place… El Campo Santo Cemetery.

People have experienced haunting events on each tour though it is rare and not guaranteed.

All the tours are exceptional. Join us, you'll see...

Time to get your hands dirty and start to actually investigate what is really going on…

We are known for disturbing stories, authentic well-researched history, with sarcastic cheesy humor (think lines like Ash in The Evil Dead or 80's action hero comebacks). No jump scares, so there will be no costumed people jumping out at you. Still some people do get scared, we just consider the tour to be spooky and creepy rather than scary. If you don't like humor mixed in or are looking for jump scares, these may not be the tours for you.

Call now 619.255.6170, or book online to reserve your plot…we mean SPOT today!

Danni M. Avatar
Danni M.
Took my friend who was visiting San Diego and we had a great time. Al was a wonderful guide and even as a local I learned so much about San Diego that I didn’t know!
Rose B. Avatar
Rose B.
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Melissa J. Avatar
Melissa J.
This was my first ghost tour in my own backyard of San Diego and let me tell you it did NOT disappoint. Our Ghost Host, Rosalinda, was a gem & very entertaining. Our Ghost Coach was just too cute which added to the tour. Big shoutout to our driver Ken! Thank you to your amazing staff for a wonderful night. ❤️ Can't wait to do this again.
Mark B. Avatar
Mark B.
This tour is nothing short of amazing! Our Ghost Coach was delightfully and uniquely tricked out with coffin-like tufted panels illuminated by flickering candles and you always felt as if you were being watched….because you are. Little Skeleton Skulls keep a careful eye! We visited and were able to enter many of the old haunted Victorian buildings and were treated to not only a theatrical retelling of ghost stories but also a carefully researched and accurate history of these buildings and San Diego itself. Our Ghost host Dante surprised and delighted us at every turn. When we return to San Diego we will definitely be revisiting this wonderful tour. Thanks for the ride!
Mark Baiza
Cleveland Heights Ohio