The ONLY tour to GO INSIDE a Haunted Hotel and House (Covid willing). We are the local historic ghost tour.
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Into history or ghost or true crime? Welcome! Highest #1 Reviewed on Google, Yelp, Fbook and TA. Join Us...

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Meet in Old Town
Premium Bus Tour
Ghost History - Relaxed Pace
Enter 4/5 Locations Covid Willing
14 People Max | Coffin on Wheels
Old Town, Sherman Heights & Downtown Gaslamp

Semi Kid Friendly
$45 per person | 2 Hours
Meet Downtown
Gaslamp Walking Tour
Haunted Dark History/True Crime
Fast Paced in SD's Party Central
Ghosts, Brothels, Serial Killers..,
Downtown Gaslamp District. For the Brave.

Least Kid Friendly
$25 per person | 2 Hours
Brand New!
Old Town WalkinG Tour
Haunted Old Town Ghosts History
Enter Heritage Park Exclusive
Go on Whaley Yard, Chapel & Enter Graveyard
Discounted This Week

Most Kid Friendly
$15 Per Person | 1 Hour

About Haunted San Diego Ghost Tours

If you want to support local small business, well we would be the definition of that. While our main competitor is a massive corporate conglomerate we are the opposite, a very small business. We tour because we love to and we love the expression on our guest face when we have done a tour well. It's a rush. We are San Diego Haunted Ghost Tours. We've also been called the cities best "Dark History Tour."
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San Diego is considered by many to be the “Most Haunted City in the West”, and we are San Diego's best ghost tour.

What a fantastic place to live!

Haunted San Diego Ghost Tours has been entertaining guests for over 15 years. We got into it because we are history buffs and we love to explore the supernatural side of our lovely city. We are locally owned, operated and bring the true San Diego native local experience to our tours and you. We are a small "mom and pop" operation and strive to bring knowledge, excitement and the San Diego perspective to your experience.

We like to keep our tours intimate and will only take a maximum of 14 persons per tour thereby maintaining an intimate feel (most tours in SD will take 39 or more and we just feel that now one can provide a true audience connection with tours that large). We like to look you all in the eye as we guide you through the history and the dark.

Our tour has been named “San Diego’s Best Ghost Tour” and we are the highest rated haunted adventure in town according to our many Yelp reviews. We are listed as #33 of 280 things to do in San Diego on TripAdvisor and have top reviews there as well!

Call now or book online to reserve your plot…we mean SPOT today!

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Cheri Y. Avatar
Cheri Y.
11/14/2021 - Facebook

This was one of the best tours we’ve experienced. The tour guide was a true professional, the details inside the tour bus really helped set the scene and being able to actually go inside several locations was a definite added bonus!

Lyzz S. Avatar
Lyzz S.
9/21/2021 - Facebook

We actually didn’t get to go on the tour because their bus is in for service, but the fella sent me a text early this morning letting us know and gave us a recommendation for one we can do tonight as their bus won’t be running until we leave town. I think it’s pretty top notch to recommend a competitor. A lot of businesses wouldn’t do that. When we make it back down to San Diego, we will definitely check it out!

Sophy W. Avatar
Sophy W.
9/20/2021 - Facebook

They customized an amazing walking tour for my teenager’s bday party. Our host, Bernice was great! Super fast responses to my questions, and really made sure they created a tour for our needs! Super fun!

Shey S. Avatar
Shey S.
8/24/2021 - Facebook

I went on the bus tour last Wednesday evening with our host Archie, who is awesome. Amongst some spooky things that I and my little sister heard with our own ears at the big mansion where Mrs. Yager lived, I actually caught an oddly-shaped light in the living room of the two-story house that we were able to explore at the end of the tour. It was a live-photo so when I see this picture in my gallery, I can actually see the light start off as a sphere but then it morphs into what we see in this picture. Perhaps I can screen record what I’m talking about and attach that onto here as well (it won’t let me attach the screen recording for some reason). This house was super heavy with energy too, especially the room upstairs with the old beds